Farm Two Forty is a small, family farm. We create handcrafted products by reusing and repurposing items from around our farm.

Farm Two Forty technically began when my parents, we call them Emmy and Pop, moved on to the property that we call home, 40 years ago. The property has seen many animals but currently it consist of 1 cat, two dogs, two mini donkeys and out 3 Navajo Angora goats. We treat all animals as members of the family. The goats are sheered twice a year. Once they are sheered I, Terri, get the mohair. Once I receive the mohair I process some of it to sell as cleaned mohair that could be used by doll makers, felters, weavers, spinners, all kinds of crafters. I also spin some of the mohair on my spinning wheel to sell as one of a kind balls of yarn.